Tungaloy Corporation


Режущий инструмент и аксессуары


Япония 970-1144
Фукусима, 11-1 Yoshima-Kogyodanchi Iwaki-city

Год создания

Throughout its history of more than 70 years, the Tungaloy Group has steadily contributed to the manufacturing processes of our customers by supplying cemented carbide tools. This is supported by our sophisticated material technologies and state-of-the-art processing technology. These technological innovations include metal cutting tools that incorporate indexable inserts and steel products, PCB drills, wear resistant tools, civil engineering tools and tools for processing advanced materials.

Tungaloy also offers outstanding friction material products that are founded upon our market leading powder metallurgy technology. Tungaloy prides itself as a benchmark for quality and innovation with these products and this is delivered with sound service and support that instills confidence in our customers.

In supplying our products to the domestic Japanese market, Tungaloy is committed to enhancing the convenience and availability of our products and services by further strengthening the mutual and cooperative relationships that we have nurtured with our distributors over the span of many decades. As for the increasingly borderless international markets, we strive to bolster our sales, manufacturing and development capabilities in order to respond more effectively to the diverse requirements of our overseas customers. At the same time, Tungaloy will endeavor to constantly evolve our service functions to ensure the delivery of the highest quality products.

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