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Plastic Injection Phone Cover

В наличии 02Дата: 31.07.17
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ПроизводительChina Karo Molding
Страна производителяКитай


Company Profile: We specilizes in developing and producing plastic injection parts and injection moulds for electrical appliances,home appliances,computers,telecommunication devices,pharmaceutical appliances, bathroom accessories and building plastic parts etc.We have a complete in-house manufacturing system - from tooling (die) design,making,testing to parts pressing and assembly. Key Specifications: 1.Material:ABS,flame-retardant ABS,HIPS,flame-retardant,PS,HDPE,PMMA,PC,PVC,PP,TPR and TPU. 2.Surface Finish:Chrome plating,gold plating,silver plating,silk-printing,painting,texture etc. 3.Application:electrical appliances,home appliances,telecommunication devices,bathroom accessories,pharmaceutical appliances,building and outdoors etc. 4.OEM/ODM are welcome. 5.The photo of product shown here is for reference purposes only. Competitive Advantages: 1.Can offer total solutions to customer's idea with in-house production/assembly and outsourcing program. 2.Can offer engineer consultation to customized designs for production improvement and cost saving. 3.Strict QC is enforced at all stages. 4.In-house tooling design and manufacturing. 5.Good experience on developing designs according to customer's requirements. 6.Flexible manufacturing quantities. 7.Advanced CAD,CAM and CAE technology.

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Условия оплатыTT/LC
Способ упаковки10 sets per box

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