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Ring rolling mill

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Siempelkamp's innovative ring rolling mill manufactures rings with an external diameter of up to 6,000 mm and a height of up to 600 mm made of steel and special materials such as nickel-based, titanium and aluminum alloys. With maximum radial and axial pressing forces of 6,300 kN each, the rolling mill guarantees high process accuracy. High precision is also ensured by the SicoRoll control which Siempelkamp specially developed for the ring rolling process.

The use of many standard components assures simple maintenance and easy spare parts procurement. For the customers this translates into significant cost savings. Extensive FEM calculations are the guarantee for the high fatigue strength of the mechanical structural components.

Rolling forces:

  • radial 6,300 kN
  • axial 6,300 kN

Customer benefit:

  • high accuracy during rolling
  • including SicoRoll control for high process accuracy
  • innovative technology
  • cost savings due to simple maintenance and easy spare parts procurement

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